Grow Your Tribe & Crush Your Content

Learn how to grow organically with content that connects to the heart of your audience on the first try.  

What makes this course different? It's not just about social media:  it's about connection. It's about building more than just a following - it's about starting a conversation that leads to you making more sales and having a wider impact.


It's about heart centered social media and the power behind it. The difference is that your voice will be heard. 


The Secret To Better Engagement? It's not MORE posts, it's more meaningful and intentional posts.

I promise it's got nothing to do with Facebook ads, spending money, or spamming strangers with sales messages. It has everything to do with speaking directly to your audience and their hearts.

Truth time?  I have a love hate relationship with social media - especially Facebook.  It's become this pay to play money hungry place that feels like it's suffocating the life out of everyone who tries to play the game. 

I hate that we are so reliant upon one platform to build our dreams. 

I don't know about you, but I have no interest in spending 12 hours a day on social media and trying to out-wit a digital platform that puts money before people.  ZERO interest.

Last year I hit my breaking point with the whole world of social media. I was so close to closing it all down and calling it quits on my dream so that I didn't have to deal with the likes of Marky Z and his rules that were changing by the minute.

I thought that if I could come up with a way to take my approach to social media and simplify it, I would be able to tolerate it all.  That if I could find a way to make REAL connections to the people that I wanted to reach, I would be ok with playing the game.  So that was my mission.

Over the course of 6 months, a whole lot of trial and error and a lot of mistakes, I created what has become my signature system for:

  •  Growing my following
  • Connecting with my perfect audience on a heart level
  • Finding that balance between needing social media and being able to put my priorities in life first

This course is my cricket-song to you.

It's a step by step process to teach you how to stop hearing crickets and reach the heart of your audience on the first try. It's a simple, easy to duplicate process that will help you find the content and messages that your ideal audience needs to hear.  It will grow your tribe, it will connect you to amazing people and ultimately it will make social media less of a headache and more of a money maker for your business.

"As someone who has felt overwhelmed by social media and has posted far too many times and heard crickets, this course was exactly what I needed. There is so much valuable content in this course, but if you only took one thing away from it nothing beats being able to quickly and easily plan an entire months worth of content in one sitting. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who uses social media for their business."

Amy Cucksey
The Healthy Life Movement

Your Perfect Tribe

In the saturation of today's social media, there's never been a more crucial time to attract exactly who you're looking for from the beginning.  Stop throwing everything at the wall and hoping it will stick.  Meaningful attraction wins every time.

Social Presence

Your social media presence should be intentional, meaningful and an exact representation of who you are, what you stand for and what you do.  There should never be any question about your character or your values when someone lands on your page.

Into Your Clients Head

When people come to social media they want one of two things:  1. to be entertained. or 2. to connect.   They want to work with people and brands who share content that makes them think, "She's inside my head!" or "How did she know I needed that today?"


This Course Is For You If:

  • You are tired of swimming against the current of social media and just want to know what works
  • You want to grow your following organically and without the use of paid advertisements
  • You are feel consumed by life in general and simply don't know where to begin with social media
  • You want to take your existing presence and make it better and more targeted to your perfect audience
  • You're tired of waking up each day and wondering what you will post 
  • You're ready to create a consistent and meaningful presence on social media

Does that sound like you?

Here's What's Inside This Course

This course includes 5 Video modules with corresponding workbooks to help you really understand what is being taught.  Each module is less than 30 minutes long and each is a powerhouse of information designed to change the way you look at social media and connecting to your ideal client.



  • A deep dive look into your audience like you have never looked before.  I share with you my process for getting crystal clear on the conversation running through their minds
  • Educate yourself on all things content, strategy and algorithm. Learn the techniques that actually work to get your content noticed, engaged with and on the top of the newsfeed
  • Brainstorm 4 weeks of content in no time at all. Using my signature process, you'll walk away with 4 weeks of meaningful, unparalleled content that engages your audience and keeps them coming back for more
  • Walk away with the content, but also the freedom because you'll learn how I schedule it, organize it and pare it down to just a few hours a month
  • Afraid to be yourself on social media?  Learn how to connect your story to your offer and resonate with the perfect person every time

My Bonus Gifts To You!

Social media is so much more than a post or a video with intention. It's about knowing HOW to do these things and do them well.  I'm sharing these bonus trainings with you:

  1. Sell without sounding like you're selling
  2. Instagram - Grow your tribe
  3. Create Beautiful Social Graphics easily and quickly
  4. Grow and run a Facebook Group
  5. Crush your Facebook Live videos
  6. 4 part series to Reprogram your mindset for success

Here's what others are saying:

"This course shed light on everything I WASN'T doing that I needed to be. Social media can be so overwhelming that it's hard to know where to start. Simplified Social showed me exactly where I needed to be to cultivate the tribe I want and provided me with the roadmap to get there."

Brighton Walsh

"Finally, a course that helps a busy mom like myself navigate through social media. I can now simplify and prioritize my content, instead of scrambling every day trying to figure out what to post. Love it!"

Jennifer Johnson
Empowered Beauty, Healthy Living

"I'm a novice with marketing through social media. I say that as someone who has used facebook and Instagram for years for personal posts, but I have been out of my element with using social media as a major leverage point to establish and grow a business. It's always felt like a delicate balance to me - to be magnetic with content but not salesy. Jessica gives a context, content, tips and strategies that are easy to follow (and require the right amount of work) to grow a presence in an enjoyable way."

Renee Pollins
Renee Pollins Coaching

"Jessica has a clear, concise and engaging way to educate her audience on how to increase social our media presence. Her steps are logical and her tips are priceless. It's all laid out to ensure our success. I can't wait to implement all I've learned!"

Jackie Orth
Rodan + Fields

"The Simplified Social Course was exactly what I needed to get organized with the content I provide on the social media platforms I use. Being someone who is low on time and has millions of ideas, it became very hard for me to plan them out. I instead would opt to post on the fly leading to a lot of wasted time and posts that I wasn't necessarily fond of but felt I needed to keep my feed current. Taking this course has helped me identify areas where I can be more efficient and has given me the tools to be able to craft posts that hit the heart of my ideal client while also keeping my time in front of the computer to a minimum. I cannot thank Jessica Barnak enough for creating it."

Traci Jackson

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