$37.00 USD

Aligned Marketing

 16 Videos and trainings walking you through 4 Phases:


Phase 1:  Introduction and A tour of the Bodygraph

Learn the history of human design, what it is and what each of the pieces means on the Bodygraph (chart), and if you don't know your type, we'll even show you how to run your chart for free.


Phase 2: Your Energy Type

Learn what it means to be a Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector or Reflector.  

You'll learn your energy needs, strategy for engaging in life and even how you're meant to optimize your productivity in this life and in your business.


Phase 3: Your Authority

Every person has a unique authority for making aligned decisions in their life and business. You'll learn about yours, and we'll share some tips with you on how to strengthen your connection to this authority


Phase 4:  Marketing by Human Design

Learn the process for integrating your human design into your marketing and content. Broken down by energy type, this training will teach you the specific ways you are designed to connect to your audience, market your services and even the best kinds of content for you to be making.