Coaches:  you have to become THE solution, not just A solution

The answer to standing out lies in your Human Design

The truth?




In the beginning of every coaching business, you're just trying to stay afloat.

  • You say yes to everyone.
  • You try every marketing tactic.
  • You are all over the place in your social media.


And there finally comes a time when you stop dicking around and realize you need to get serious.

  1. Your message needs to be ridiculously clear.
  2. Your offers must work and get results.
  3. Your pricing needs to elevate you and make you feel valued.


There comes a moment when you get tired of your own bullshit and you realize that if you're going to succeed:


You have to step into being THE solution, not just A solution in a sea of coaches.


And that is why I love Human Design.  Because it's your roadmap to becoming THE solution.

The coaching industry is saturated AF, but that doesn't mean you have to look like everyone else.


There is no such thing as a one size fits all marketing strategy.



If you go on social media, the gurus tell you to try this, or try that, or THIS works for everyone.

And they gaslight you into thinking you're not working hard enough when their tactics don't work for you.


Here's the thing:

Their human design chart tells a different story that yours.

What works for their activations won't work for you - unless you have the same activations. Which you don't.


You are designed to be a bright and shiny PARTY OF ONE in your message, marketing and tactics.

The good news? Your bodygraph ((human design chart) is literally the map to show you the path forward.


  • Create messaging that is laser focused, clear and magnetic
  • Manage your energy so you don't burn out.
  • Attract clients who won't be a pain in your ass and will actually do the work.
  • Raise your prices and step into the full expression of your worth.
  • Identify the areas where you're sabotaging the fuck out of yourself and you don't even know it.
  • Create a brand that people can't resist.
  • Design content in a way that makes you look like honey to a bear.



Your chart will give you permission to create, coach and run your business in the way that feels good to you.

No icky selling here. 



You're intrigued?  You have 3 choices now:



Learn how to embrace your Human Design and incorporate it into your marketing, content and visibility.






For new coaches who need the foundations to build a thriving and profitable coaching business. This is a coaching membership with everything you'll ever need, plus live coaching. Yes, we talk about all things marketing, business AND human design here.




EVOLVE: the (human) design of business

A program designed for coaches who are in the trenches, but beginning to burn out.  Learn how to infuse your human design into every aspect of business and scale to new heights without burnout.




Most would describe me as a mother, wife, Penn State fan, coffee lover, barre enthusiast and entrepreneur. But in reality, I am so much more than that. And so are you.

Society loves to tell us that we are all alike, but you and I both know that's not true.   The way that I'm designed to function in my life looks different than the way you are designed.

Join me on a journey of self-discovery, and an intentional uncovering of exactly who you're meant to be inside of your life - and your business. 

"Jess is a unicorn in the coaching industry. She's honest, funny and I've never met anyone so transparent and truthful about the way things really are."

Cama Oliver

"I spent the last 3 years burnt out, exhausted and wanting to quit. Jess held my hand, turned me around and made me fall in love with both myself, and my business again.  And she helped me make some damned good money in the process." 

Wendy Rollings