Loud, overwhelming marketing is out.  Quiet, relatable exposure is in.



Jessica is very hands on and answers our questions in the group. Having just participated in my first call, I was blown away on not only her expertise and the valuable feedback and suggestions, it was that she was on the call for 2 hours live with us. 


Martine Jones

I’m quite new to Jessica’s programs but they are a breath of fresh air in a noisy and overwhelming space that so commonly teaches that the key to success is to simply be louder, do more, hustle more, post more, work harder. I have zero desire to build a business that has me constantly frantic. Jessica’s minimalist approach has already helped me feel more relaxed and gain greater clarity in my audience and the way forward to build my business in a way that’s much more aligned with my goals.

Nicole Cabrias


Each time I go through Jessica's material and listen to her videos I learn something new.  I find the content to be easy-to-follow and I know exactly what I need to do to move forward. Jessica's courses and memberships are filled with valuable information. I have watched her videos a number of times and feel confident in the product I created. I look forward to using the information Jessica provides to build my landing page, funnel, and the journey to my big ticket offer.

Natalie Regier


5/1 Splenic Projector

I was a slave to the hustle.


Like you, I listened to the gurus and did all of the things.  I was everywhere.

I was also exhausted by the constant stream of content creation, marketing tasks and planning. I was on that hamster wheel, feeling like I wanted to shut it all down.

Because it wasn't fun any more.

I didn't sign up to feel so damned paralyzed by my business.

So I quit. In 2022, I shut it all down to take a break.
To breathe.
To slow down.

I embraced my Human Design as a Projector and it was glorious. 

Intentional focus, intentional energy, intentional planning. 

Suddenly, my paralysis morphed into an explosion of inspiration and creativity.


And from that explosion, Quiet Marketing Co was born.

I combined the components of my Human Design into my marketing, and everything fell into place.


When you intentionally lean into how you were designed to live, market and love, the noise quiets down.

The distractions go away and the quiet seeps into your content, your workshops and programs.


That's what I want for you.

Intentional, quiet business.  No distractions. No noise.

Just a deep breath of purpose that feels like home.


Because your business is an extension of you, and your future clients need YOU to feel like home ... so they can trust you.

That trust is what's missing in today's marketing hustle.

Quiet Marketing will change that. 


Kind Words From our Students

I really enjoy Jessica's matter of fact, no BS approach.  She keeps the content simple and straightforward.  As a new coach just getting started I really appreciate the simplicity.  I have also found that she sticks to what is most important for coaches, and right now I really value the focus she provides!

Arden McNaught

I've tried a few other courses, and this one is by far the one that has helped me the most with marketing. The content is specifically what I needed, which was to learn how to use instagram for my business, and to find my niche and market to that audience. Nailing these two things has made things much easier and I am starting to see the positive results. The content in Coach Collective is easy to digest, and the support is excellent. The groups aren't too big, so you feel like Jess actually knows who you are, and there are lots of opportunities to ask questions and get feedback, which really is invaluable. I highly recommend this course.

Sarai Monk


Jessica's content has been one of the best investments I've made for my business.

I have gained so much clarity around who my audience is, how I can best serve them, and how to speak to them effectively.

One of the things I appreciate most about Jessica as a coach is how she is able to cut to the chase and deliver heaps of amazingly helpful content in a simplified and actionable way.

Amanda Little

I am loving this program. The community, support, opportunity to get questions answered and learn from the answers others receive from Jessica. The guidance is always clear, concise and effective. No fluff. And, customized to what I'm needing right now. I love the warm community and the Q&A's as well.

Lauren Power

Jessica’s membership program has helped me to focus and simplify my messaging and I finally feel the anxiety melting away!  I know this will be my breakthrough year in my online business with the clear guidance that Jessica provides in this fabulous membership. Thanks for creating a program that supports the budding online coaching community!

Lisa Metzgar

One of the things I really appreciated about Jessica is that she keeps things simple and clear. When teaching, she shares examples in action. Sometimes it is hard to see how to apply the concept being taught, having clear examples helps.


The layout of the membership area is clean, clear and simple. It is nice not to be overwhelmed. Her live Q&A sessions and masterclasses are very informative. You can tell Jessica wants to connect with her members.

Jen Mackinnon